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Portfolio Review Investment Selection Manager

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The PRISM Premise is to:

  1. Provide High Quality Due Diligence on Investment Selection with a preference for high earnings and protection on the downside.

  2. Evaluate Plan returns vs "The Market", with PRISM Preference to always outperform "The Market".

  3. Compare those relative returns with other 401k Plan Sponsors in the Country.

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The 401k PRISM is designed to be the Portfolio Review and Investment Selection Management. Data collection is on a Quarterly basis and includes Quarterly, 1 Year, 3 Year, and 5 Year data.


After assimilating all the data, PRISM applies each fund in the Plan Sponsor lineup to the data and provides a ranking, by Style Classification, in each of 8 different criteria.


The PRISM system is designed to be tighter than other systems. This is a result of attempting to provide a higher caliber Due Diligence system than others in the market, but also having a Preference towards higher returns in both Up and Down markets.


When Plan Sponsors are asked "How is your plan doing?", the answer seems to surround the idea of the market: the S&P 500 or the DJI. PRISM considers it important to know and understand if the plan is outperforming the market. But what is "the market"?

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Our Story

We are a company dedicated to helping Plan Sponsors provide very high caliber investment options for their employee's 401k Plan.

We help you:

Manage your investment lineup "tighter";

Monitor your investment lineup Quarterly;

Measure your results with a large cross section of Plans across the country.

We have fined tuned our tools over the past 15+ years to develop superior results with lower risk AND be very user friendly.

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What We Provide

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What We Do For You

 401K Prism is not a broker, we don't affiliate with a corporation to get you to invest in Mutual Funds that will make us money, but instead we give you detailed information about the Mutual Funds available in the market so that you may fit your plan for higher potential earnings. Give us 15 minutes of your time and you will learn more about our process and how your plan compares with your competitors and peers. We specialize in companies with 500 or less employees, and our clients are all CEOs and CFOs of everyday businesses that are interested in providing QUALITY 401k plans for their employees and themselves; plans that work for them and them alone. If you really think you are getting the most out of your 401k plan, just  schedule a free Zoom consultation and see how your company's 401k plan compares to your competitors.

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"I was introduced to PRISM in 2011. I received a phone call asking me when the last time our plan had been through an independent review by a third party under ERISA rules. This really got me thinking...I had very little contact with our provider I was with at the time and had been for several years. I always wondered where our plan stood among other plans and thought that our plan could be doing better than it currently was. 
I agreed to have someone come out to review the plan, thinking I would gain peace of mind knowing that I was doing what I was supposed to as a plan administrator. I met with a PRISM employee to see the results of the review and then I was certain that we needed to change providers. I was then shown PRISM, the tool which takes all the plan data and compiles an easy-to-read analysis report that couldn't be easier to understand and use. Reviewing the plan with PRISM on a Quarterly basis really helped our plan and was a real eye-opener for me.
I would absolutely recommend the use of PRISM to any company who feels their current 401k plan may be underperforming in their market."

Terri Wyrick, PAW Companies

"We have worked with PRISM for approximately 10 years on our 401k retirement plan by having Quarterly meetings to review our investment results. We have been very happy working with the PRISM tool and are more than happy with our investment results. We have been able to review our investment options and compare to the industry average results and make some wise decisions of our own on our investment options based on the information provided by PRISM. As a result, we have been very please with our investment choices and maximized our rate of return while minimizing our risk on the investments."

Terry S. Moats, Treasurer of Harris-McBurney Company

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